20 things you don’t know about me & an iPhone photo :)

I saw this in US Magazine and I thought it would be cool if I did one too :) It was actually 25 things but I got lazy! Here goes:

1. My college degree is in Computer Science
2. I do not like chicken
3. or cheese lol
4. I love to read but I don’t always have time. I have found a remedy though – iBooks on my iPhone when I’m on the go. I’ve gotten through two books in three weeks.
5. I speak German – I was born in Vienna, spent part of my childhood there and went to college there
6. When I was 11 I won a state and then a national art competition and I got to meet the first lady of Nigeria at the time
7. If I don’t brush and floss my teeth at night, I can’t sleep peacefully. On days when I’m dead tired and I fall asleep, I still wake up in the middle of the night to brush and floss my teeth
8. I don’t like alcohol and I still haven’t found the drink that tastes right to me
9. I would love to live in Vienna again
10. I’m an awful singer
11. I can be obsessive about saving money
12. I have way too many clothes
13. I don’t wear my high heels enough
14. I’ve never not known how to swim
15. Some people think I have an evil laugh
16. I like to bake – I don’t do it very often. My excuse is that I’m waiting for my dream kitchen
17. I’m a huge reggae music fan
18. I’m left handed :) I do everything with my left hand
19. I’ve always kept a journal and I usually have more than one at a time
20. While I love my car, I hate driving long distances – I don’t know how people do it, it’s so boring lol

And here’s a self portrait taken on my iPhone while it was still warm outside, edited with a photo app and watermarked in photo shop :)

Have a great Sunday everyone.

p.s. lots more blog posts and my wedding photos coming soon!

iPhone Photo :)


Woah!! LOL at the evil laugh!!! Awesomely Cool!!! x

Well. Interesting facts and that photo – marriage does suit you well I’ll say. I have never met you but I have seen your photos (you always look good) but there is something diff about your look in this one, err je ne sais quoi but it’s a great look! *ok now I scared you off wanting to ever meet me already*…


omg I am left handed too!!! The photo app is amazing still trying to fig out watermarks….German nice :-) wish I could speak another language fluently….. :-)

No wonder I think you’re so awesome: I adore lefties :)

You don’t like chicken? Actually I’m not the biggest fan of it either! No wonder I’ve never heard you sing :D Lucky you not remembering learing how to swim – I remember being petrified of water and absolutely hating my swimming lessons :D

Yes to number 7! When I see people crawl into bed without brushing I picture their mouths turning into this microbe incubator while they sleep. Giving me the creeps as I type lol

Doyin S

Awwww I knew almost (maybe all) wooohoooo. Glad you admit the cand’t sing bit. I remember the art competition in Primary 6, I didnt make it (obviously)

You look cut…*sideeyeingthoseglasses*

Doyin S

PS – Regarding number 12, does that mean I can have some?

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