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Little Planet Photography Tutorial is generic information to extend your photography techniques and awareness, notably if you are newcomer in this topic. In this video you will learn a little bit about Little Planet Photography Tutorial

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Little Planet Photography Tutorial
This video will teach you all you need to know on how to create Little Planet Photography and turn almost any 360 degree panorama into your own unique miniaturized world. In this easy to follow tutorial, I will show the process of converting a series of pre-captured High Dynamic Range sequence images into single HDR files and keep consistency by creating HDR presets. Using HDR Express 3, we will export our HDR .tiff files and merge them into a single 360 degree panorama using Photoshop CC 2017. Inside of Photoshop I will show you how to easily crop your 360 degree panorama and eliminate the overlap perfectly. Finally through a few simple clicks, your small world photography will come to life.

Watch this free video tutorial here for the how to. Look for the Pro version of this tutorial coming soon for 20$ where I will take you from scouting the proper location, camera set up, image capture, file organization, elimination of stitching errors present in the free video, light enhancement, color correction, and final delivery. It will be cram packed full of useful photo tips. Follow the link to my blog to find the final full res photo processed in this video, the Pro version tutorial, and additional inspirational Little Planet photography.

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