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Pro Wedding Photography Tips – Anna Kuperberg is classified information to improve your wedding photography skill and knowledge, especially if you are beginner in this field. In this video you will study a little bit about Pro Wedding Photography Tips – Anna Kuperberg

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Pro Wedding Photography Tips – Anna Kuperberg
Go to http://SilberStudios.Tv for more info. Marc Silber interviews Anna Kuperberg, a San Francisco wedding photographer who has also been noted for her child and dog photography. She gives advice for amateur photographers on how to approach your subjects with curiosity, and shares her techniques to capture those moments of intense emotion and love while doing so naturally. Her tip for taking better photos is to not let your equipment get in the way. Tune into this episode to get her inside story for taking photos that will be cherished for years to come. Anna Kuperberg has been featured on the cover of Photo District News and PPA magazines, and was named one of the world’s top ten wedding photographers by American Photo magazine. Her work has appeared in InStyle, People, and Martha Stewart Weddings.

0:00 – Introduction to Anna Kuperberg
0:29 – Anna’s Style of Photography
1:50 – Key Points in Preparing for a Shot
3:46 – Importance of SD Cards
4:28 – Final Tips & Advice


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