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Sports Photography with Al Bello – August 21 2015 is generic information to strengthen your sport photography techniques and knowledge, especially if you are rookie in this theme. In this video you will learn a little bit about Sports Photography with Al Bello – August 21 2015

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Sports Photography with Al Bello – August 21 2015
Join Adorama as we present Al Bello, Chief Sports Photographer in North America for Getty Images, as he walks us through his illustrious career as a professional sports photographer. Al has demonstrated a knack for capturing the vibrancy and adrenaline of the sporting world. His work conveys the motion and emotions of each athlete and subject that he photographs and we hope that his story and his work will inspire you to find new ways of photographing the sports that you love.
Al Bello graduated with a Liberal Arts degree from the University of New York at Stony Brook in 1989. In 1993 Al landed a position as a junior photographer at Allsport which is now a part of Getty images. Since Joining Getty, Al has become Chief Sports Photographer in North America on a very talented staff. He is assigned to cover sporting events and people in sport worldwide. He has covered 10 Olympic Games.
Al has won various awards from the likes of World Press Photo, National Press Photographers Association, Pictures of the Year International
Al has also taught and lectured at The Eddie Adams Workshop, The National Press Photographers Association Short Course, The Richard Clarkson Workshop, The World Press Photo Foundation, The Rochester Institute of Technology, The Poynter Institute, The Wisconsin News Photographers Association, Sacred Heart University, and several functions for Getty Images.

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