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Technically Creative Wildlife Photography is priceless information to empowering your nature or wildlife or outdoor photography techniques and knowledge, especially if you are white belt in this desire. In this clip you will learn a little bit about Technically Creative Wildlife Photography

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Technically Creative Wildlife Photography
Join specialist photographic safari guide and co-founder of Wild Eye Gerry van der Walt for a presentation in which he will discuss how you can use a strong technical foundation creatively to create striking wildlife images.
Through examples and an easy to understand approach Gerry will connect the creative side of wildlife photography to the various technical settings that forms a basis of the craft.
This presentation will cover the entire wildlife photography workflow from in the field creativity to camera settings and processing your final product and points of discussion will include:
What is creativity in wildlife photography?
The importance of a strong technical foundation
Using technical settings with creative results
Creativity in the field
Shooting with slow shutter speeds
Post processing ideas for creative results
The presentation will include a full Q&A during which Gerry will answer your questions to help you create technically creative wildlife photographs.
Website: www.gerryvanderwalt
Wild Eye:
Snapchat: gerryvanderwalt
Instagram: @gerryvanderwalt
Twitter: @gerryvanderwalt

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