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Why Wildlife Photography is So Difficult is priceless information to empowering your nature or wildlife or outdoor photography techniques and knowledge, especially if you are white belt in this desire. In this clip you will learn a little bit about Why Wildlife Photography is So Difficult

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Why Wildlife Photography is So Difficult
Day 2/3 of my photography trip to Namibia. We leave behind the Orphaned Cheetahs of Okonjima and drive north in to Etosha National Park. I learn a harsh lesson about the difficulties of good wildlife photography and we get charged by an aggressive Black Rhino.

They Planned Our Itinerary: https://www.discover-the-world.co.uk/
George’s Instagram: @Georgebturner

In The Shades – Martin Hall
Stargazed 1 – August Wilhelmsson
We Are Here Now – August Wilhelmsson
Stay Near – Henrik Olsson
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