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Wildlife photography – Musk Oxen part 1 | Behind the scenes with wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer is priceless information to empowering your nature or wildlife or outdoor photography techniques and knowledge, especially if you are white belt in this desire. In this clip you will learn a little bit about Wildlife photography – Musk Oxen part 1 | Behind the scenes with wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer

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Wildlife photography – Musk Oxen part 1 | Behind the scenes with wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer
Wildlife photography – Musk Oxen part 1

Nature Photographer Morten Hilmer takes you behind the scenes in this wildlife photography adventure where he spends several days camping in the snow covered mountains of Rondane National Park in Norway – in his search for the amazing Musk Oxen.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mortenhilmer
Facebook: https://fb.com/MortenHilmer

Nikon Rumors have featured an article where I am sharing some of my favorite camera settings and how I set up my custom buttons to work faster: https://nikonrumors.com/2018/03/03/wi…



Wildlife photography – Musk Oxen part 1

In part 1 of this Nature Photography documentary I am in Norway to photograph the amazing wildlife in Dovre National Park – the Musk Oxen.

In the winter time it is very difficult to get to the oxen and back again in one day and further more I like to stay for several days on location to get the different weather – therefore I have brought my tent and equipment so I am able to camp in this amazing winter landscape.

In this VLOG i do my very best to share how I work as a wildlife photographer and how I overcome the challenges. Hopefully I can inspire you to get out on your own photo adventures – no matter if it is to the local forest or to the highest mountains. Most important is the amazing experiences nature gives.

This episode is all about wildlife photography, winter, musk oxen, nature, trekking, camping, how to pitch the tent and how I live when I am on location.

Join me on this nature photography journey and enjoy the snow covered mountains, the muskoxen and the beautiful northern lights.

••• WHO I AM •••

My name is Morten Hilmer and I work as a professional nature and wildlife photographer. In a serie of short 4K videos I will share my fascination of nature with you and invite you behind the scene when I am out photographing the fascinating wildlife, the stunning landscapes and the wild nature. I work as a ILCP photographer, and nature conservation is very close to my heart.

Read more about my time in the Sirius Dogsled Patrol on the BBC Earth website: http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/201602…

Beside the many publications, my photographs have been awarded in the Wildlife photographer of the year and European Wildlife Photographer of the Year photo competitions.

In spring 2017 I published my book Silence of the North: https://mortenhilmer.com/en/shop/sile…


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All the best
Morten Hilmer

Facebook: https://fb.com/MortenHilmer
Instagram: https://instagram.com/mortenhilmer
Website at https://mortenhilmer.com

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